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What's a Dame To Do

What’s a Dame To Do Review

What’s a Dame To-Do is a classic guess what your friend will do game. A scenario is read and all the players must put themselves in their friend’s shoes to guess what they will do.

What we like

  • An all female game is a refreshing difference in between the unisex games you get on the market these days.
  • For hours of fun, this game is very affordable

What we don’t like

  • The game can get repetitive if you look at it the same way every time you play it
  • No expansion packs currently available

How to play

Before you begin to play all the players will have to choose their score folders that they will use during the game. Also the matching Hilarious Card and the Guessing Chip must be collected, after that each player gets 10 Reaction Cards.

Take as many Dilemma cards as there are players. The board will be turned to the player that will start the game and she will take all the Numbered Chips. The player in the spotlight turns over the top card and must read it out loud. For example, “At a party I accidentally bumps against a strangers crotch, what’s a Dame to do?”

The other players look trough their Reaction Cards and chooses one they think the player in the spotlight will do. Everyone hands the cards to the player, which will be shuffled, and she reads each and laying them down.

When all the cards had been read the player then chooses the card that’s most similar to what she would really do.

Reaction Card

The player/s who correctly guessed what the player in the spotlight will do in that situation get an Reaction Card worth 3 points.

Hilarious Cards

The player/s who gave funny answers are awarded a Hilarious cards worth 2 points if the player in the spotlight deems their answer funny.

Dilemma Card

The player that gave the dilemma that the player in the spotlight chose is awarded with a Dilemma card worth 1 point.

You can at any point in the game be awarded with more that one of the above three cards to boost your score.

Price: $14.95

Free Shipping:  NO

What’s included: Set of cards and instructions


Taboo Review

Taboo is a guessing word game. Can you let your friends guess the word Santa Claus without saying chimney, presents slay and reindeer?

The obvious clues is forbidden which ensures hour of fun and struggle to pass the time. This game also comes with a Game Changer die that can spice the whole game up.

How to play

This game is fairly simple to play. Get your friends to guess a word without giving the forbidden words on the card. If you do so you’ll get the squeaker and be eliminated.

What we like

  • Refill (expansion pack) available
  • Includes 1000+ guess words
  • More than 200 cards

What we don’t like

  • No free shipping
  • The squeaker is not very compatible with the game. (Advised to get your own  buzzer)
  • Card holder does not come with this game

Price: $16.99


Free Shipping: NO

What’s included: Instructions, and 260 cards


Outrageous Review

Outrageous is a witty party game where players have to use their creative sparks to come up with hilarious answers to prompts from the modern world. Outrageous is an extremely versatile game.

You can make it an adult exclusive game or a family friendly game to play with kids. How you play Outrageous is entirely up to you.

What we like

  • This game can be played with anyone in any age group
  • Over 200 prompt cards to enjoy the game with

What we don’t like

  • No free shipping
  • Outrageous is a very simplistic game, no challenge involved

How to play

Outrageous is an extremely easy game to learn. Before you play choose  a judge for the first round. Each player will get a chance to be the judge. Draw a prompt card from the draw pile and read it out for each of the players to hear. The cards will have random prompts like, “I will eat a shoe if —– ever get married”.

Each player anonymously writes down whatever they thing will be the best. The judge chooses an answer and that player wins the round. 

The games action depends on the  player. You can make it  a dirty adult game, family friendly or however else you want.

Price: $19.95

Free Shipping: NO

What’s included: Instructions, answer pad, pencils and 220 prompt cards

Exploding Kitten

Exploding Kittens Review

Exploding Kittens is a strategic card game much like Uno and Russian Roulette. All the players take turns drawing cards from the deck until someone draws an Exploding Kitten, which will cause that player to be eliminated and the race to be the winner a little bit smaller.

The deck consists of different type of cards. There are cards that lets you peek at the deck before you draw, shuffling the whole deck, cards that defuses bombs and cards that you can use to make your opponent draw multiple cards

What we like

  • This game is for the whole family
  • An adult expansion pack is available
  • Multiple expansion packs other that the NSFW pack

What we don’t like

  • Older versions of the game is not compatible with newer expansion packs
  • Older versions are not durable
  • The game may not be suitable for smaller children as it requires comprehension and focus to play the game

How to play

You put the cards on the table and each player take turns at drawing a card. If you draw an Exploding Kitten card you are eliminated from the game. If you play a Defuse card you can distract the Exploding Kitten and escape from being exploded. There are also other cards you can play  to skip your turn or to peek at the deck. There are also cards that enables you to secretly relocate an Exploding Kitten Card.

Price: $19.99

Free Shipping: NO

What’s included: 56 Cards, box and instructions

Go Fish Yourself

Go Fish Yourself Review

Go Fish Yourself is the adult version of the childhood game we l know. The goal of this game is to give other players pairs or to force them to make pairs instead of traditionally holding all the cards for yourself.

Each pair of cards comes with a set of rules that can be very adult like at times. If you can’t follow the rules then you are out of the game.

What we like

  •  Affordble
  • There is an expansion pack
  • There is a Family Friendly version

What we don’t like

  • The game can be short or long depending on the cards
  • Some of the cards makes the game extremely difficult to play
  • Game instructions are not clear

How to play

There are three colors of cards in this game. If you have a pair if blue cards you only have to perform that task once. If instead you have a pair of orange cards you have to follow that rule for the whole game. The last card is the “Go Fish yourself” card, this card can be played at any time in the game. This card can be used to force another player to make a pair.

You have to ask another player for a card to make a pair. The catch is that you are not allowed to ask the player for the color of the card. If at any time you cannot complete a task or fail to follow a rule you are eliminated from a game.

Price:  $9.97

Free Shipping: NO

What’s included: 54 game cards with a set of instructions

Sotally Tober

Sotally Tober Review

Sotally Tober is a adult drinking card game. You make of 5 different type of cards, each with their own quality, to play the game.

What we like

  • Very affordable
  • A lot of cards to play with

What we don’t like

  • No expansion pack available (game is very limited)
  • No Free Shipping

How to play

You play against your friends and family in this game by drawing 5 different types of cards. The Red cards places certain effects on the other players. The Blue cards is the curse cards and they will definitely not put you in a good spot within the game.

The Yellow are the secret cards in the game that enables you to perform certain tricks within this game. The Orange may make you sweat as it is the action card in the game. The last card is the Green card. This is the cards that gives you an advantage with special abilities.

Price: $16.95 ($24.99)

Free Shipping: NO

What’s included:  150 cards (orange, green, blue, yellow and red)

WTF Did You Say Review

WTF did you say is a party based board game.  You make use of white and red cards in this game. The person with the most red cards at the end of the game wins.

What we like

  • The game is affordable
  • It comes with over 500 cards

What we don’t like

  • No free Shipping
  • Cards does not match up with each other

How to play

Each player get 10 white cards. The person who masturbated last is the ROC ( Reader OF Cards). The ROC will take a red cards and read it out loud. The each player (except the ROC) put down  their funniest white cards face down.

The ROC  then reads all the white cards out aloud in the context of the red card. He gives a red card to the person who put out the funniest white card. The person at the end of the game who has the most red cards wins the game.

Price: $18.99

Free Shipping: NO

What’s included: 594 (108 red rule cards, 486 white cards and instructions)

What Do You MEME

What Do You MEME? Review

What do you mean is an Adult party game that focuses on the ages 17 and above. It consists of three categories – kinky, party and pop culture. The idea behind  What Do you Meme is to get all the adults in the room talking and enjoying themselves with the use off a  time limited adult card game. (Family friendly version available)

What we like

  • Fun game that gets everyone involved
  • Three categories to choose from
  • Free shipping
  • Affordable

What we don’t like

  • Children can’t play with
  • Expansion packs cost extra money
  • Some cards are very inappropriate
  • Becomes repetitive

How To Play

A rotating judge starts the timer and flip the card so that they only can see the answer but the rest of the room see the other side if the card that holds an incoherent phrase. Everyone else must read the phrase and try to decode it. The player that has decoded the card gets to keep if for the duration of the game. Once a player won or if the card is passed over the judge draws another card. A round ends when the timer runs out or if three cards have been decoded. The next player in line becomes the judge. The first player to decode 13 cards is the winner.

Price:  $ 19.99

Free shipping: No

What’s included: What Do You Meme contains 500 fun cards along with a high tech sand timer and a set of instructions.


Uno Review

Uno is the legendary family friendly classic card game. Very easy to learn with color coded cards. Appropriate for all ages, easy for children of young ages to learn.

What we like

  • Affordable
  • Tin case is travel friendly

What we don’t like

  • No free sipping
  • Poorly friendly

How to play

This game uses a very basic color coordination skills. (Blue, Green, Yellow, Red) The aim of this game is t get rid of all the cards in your hand. The players all takes turns by matching the face up card (the number must match but any color of the card can be played.) if a player is unable to play a card on their hand they must take one from the draw pile.

There is of course the classic special card in Uno. Reverses, Skips, draw 2 and 4’s and a color change. The outcome can dramatically change when any of the players uses one of these cards. The first player that has one card left should call out “UNO”.

Price: $9,78

Free Shipping:  NO

What’s included: 112 cards, instructions and a travel friendly  storage tin case