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Gloomhaven Review

Gloomhaven  is a dungeon-based board game that reminds one a lot of Dungeons and Dragons, with multiple scenarios and classes to play trough. As a card and tiled-based game, your characters’ actions are controlled by cards. Each player chooses two cards to play per turn.

Each card has a bottom and top half that accordingly gives you certain actions to do. This game focuses a lot on strategic  tactics and well laid out plans. Gloomhavem held the title for the best boardgame  on the leading website BoardGameGeek for the most of three years.

What we like

  • There are several expansion packs available
  • Versatile game (multiple scenarios and characters to play with)

What we don’t like

  • Very expensive
  • Problem with Shipping

How to play

Before you start the game you have to choose a Character Class (Brute, Cragheart, Spellweaver, Mindthief, Tinkerer, Scoundrel and the matching character. Also take the character’s character mat, deck of ability cards and then 5 character tokens.

Shuffle all the Personal Quests cards, Each player will get two but must choose only one to keep. Return the other to the deck.  Trough the game you will gain experience points, you’ll use an Experience tracker to keep track of it.

You can buy useful items with your character’s starting gold. Some of the gold can be used in events so be sure not to spend it all at once

Price:  $99.93 (original price $140.00)

Free Shipping: YES

Go Fish Yourself

Go Fish Yourself Review

Go Fish Yourself is the adult version of the childhood game we l know. The goal of this game is to give other players pairs or to force them to make pairs instead of traditionally holding all the cards for yourself.

Each pair of cards comes with a set of rules that can be very adult like at times. If you can’t follow the rules then you are out of the game.

What we like

  •  Affordble
  • There is an expansion pack
  • There is a Family Friendly version

What we don’t like

  • The game can be short or long depending on the cards
  • Some of the cards makes the game extremely difficult to play
  • Game instructions are not clear

How to play

There are three colors of cards in this game. If you have a pair if blue cards you only have to perform that task once. If instead you have a pair of orange cards you have to follow that rule for the whole game. The last card is the “Go Fish yourself” card, this card can be played at any time in the game. This card can be used to force another player to make a pair.

You have to ask another player for a card to make a pair. The catch is that you are not allowed to ask the player for the color of the card. If at any time you cannot complete a task or fail to follow a rule you are eliminated from a game.

Price:  $9.97

Free Shipping: NO

What’s included: 54 game cards with a set of instructions