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What's a Dame To Do

What’s a Dame To Do Review

What’s a Dame To-Do is a classic guess what your friend will do game. A scenario is read and all the players must put themselves in their friend’s shoes to guess what they will do.

What we like

  • An all female game is a refreshing difference in between the unisex games you get on the market these days.
  • For hours of fun, this game is very affordable

What we don’t like

  • The game can get repetitive if you look at it the same way every time you play it
  • No expansion packs currently available

How to play

Before you begin to play all the players will have to choose their score folders that they will use during the game. Also the matching Hilarious Card and the Guessing Chip must be collected, after that each player gets 10 Reaction Cards.

Take as many Dilemma cards as there are players. The board will be turned to the player that will start the game and she will take all the Numbered Chips. The player in the spotlight turns over the top card and must read it out loud. For example, “At a party I accidentally bumps against a strangers crotch, what’s a Dame to do?”

The other players look trough their Reaction Cards and chooses one they think the player in the spotlight will do. Everyone hands the cards to the player, which will be shuffled, and she reads each and laying them down.

When all the cards had been read the player then chooses the card that’s most similar to what she would really do.

Reaction Card

The player/s who correctly guessed what the player in the spotlight will do in that situation get an Reaction Card worth 3 points.

Hilarious Cards

The player/s who gave funny answers are awarded a Hilarious cards worth 2 points if the player in the spotlight deems their answer funny.

Dilemma Card

The player that gave the dilemma that the player in the spotlight chose is awarded with a Dilemma card worth 1 point.

You can at any point in the game be awarded with more that one of the above three cards to boost your score.

Price: $14.95

Free Shipping:  NO

What’s included: Set of cards and instructions