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Adults Against Maturity

Kids Against Maturity Review

What is Kids Against Maturity about?

Kids Against Maturity is a fun Family friendly game to spice your game night up.

What we like

  • Family friendly game
  • Some of the cards have double meaning and if you don’t want you children to play the game with those cards you can exclude them without interrupting the flow of games.

What we don’t like

  • Difficult to get information about the game from the official website for players new to the game
  • The Founders edition only has 70 new cards

How to play

The gameplay may seem eccentric but the rules are very easy and nevertheless a fun game to play with the family with up to 3 players or more. Each player must draw 10 answer cards. The player with the hairiest knuckles gets to start the game. If that requirement cannot be met bring in your house rules and decide on the player to start the game.

The player that starts the game the Card Reader, must draw a question card and read it out loud and put the card face down on the table. Each player must put forward their funniest answer card, the winning card will be chosen by the Card Reader. Each player gets a turn to be the Card Reader starting counter clockwise from the Starter player.

All the players must draw cards after every turn so that 10 Answer cards are always available for the individual players. The player with the most funniest Answer Cards chose by the Card Reader after 45 minutes of the game wins.

Price $29.99

Free Shipping YES

What’s Included: 180 Question Cards and 320 Answer Cards.


Taboo Review

Taboo is a guessing word game. Can you let your friends guess the word Santa Claus without saying chimney, presents slay and reindeer?

The obvious clues is forbidden which ensures hour of fun and struggle to pass the time. This game also comes with a Game Changer die that can spice the whole game up.

How to play

This game is fairly simple to play. Get your friends to guess a word without giving the forbidden words on the card. If you do so you’ll get the squeaker and be eliminated.

What we like

  • Refill (expansion pack) available
  • Includes 1000+ guess words
  • More than 200 cards

What we don’t like

  • No free shipping
  • The squeaker is not very compatible with the game. (Advised to get your own  buzzer)
  • Card holder does not come with this game

Price: $16.99


Free Shipping: NO

What’s included: Instructions, and 260 cards

Exploding Kitten

Exploding Kittens Review

Exploding Kittens is a strategic card game much like Uno and Russian Roulette. All the players take turns drawing cards from the deck until someone draws an Exploding Kitten, which will cause that player to be eliminated and the race to be the winner a little bit smaller.

The deck consists of different type of cards. There are cards that lets you peek at the deck before you draw, shuffling the whole deck, cards that defuses bombs and cards that you can use to make your opponent draw multiple cards

What we like

  • This game is for the whole family
  • An adult expansion pack is available
  • Multiple expansion packs other that the NSFW pack

What we don’t like

  • Older versions of the game is not compatible with newer expansion packs
  • Older versions are not durable
  • The game may not be suitable for smaller children as it requires comprehension and focus to play the game

How to play

You put the cards on the table and each player take turns at drawing a card. If you draw an Exploding Kitten card you are eliminated from the game. If you play a Defuse card you can distract the Exploding Kitten and escape from being exploded. There are also other cards you can play  to skip your turn or to peek at the deck. There are also cards that enables you to secretly relocate an Exploding Kitten Card.

Price: $19.99

Free Shipping: NO

What’s included: 56 Cards, box and instructions

Hot Seat

Hot Seat Review

Hot seat is a 200 question game you can play with your friends. Up to four players can play this game. The player in the hot seat will draw one of 200 cards and ask a question all the other players must answer. A fun game to discover who knows you the best.

What we like

  • Game is always different with new payers
  • Fun way to get to know your friends
  • Get to laugh at other players answers to your questions
  • The game is very flexible, you can incorporate your own rules

What we don’t like

  • This is not truly an adult game (take a few cards out and anyone can play)
  • Limited adult content
  • Expansion packs costs extra money
  • Can get repetitive when playing with the same friends

How to play

The player in the hot seat draws three cards and reads them out loud. The other players write their answers separately as if they are the player in the hot seat. The player in the hot seat then reveal their answers and points are rewarded accordingly. Scoring varies depending on the role you play.

Price:  $29.95

Free shipping: Yes

What’s included: 200 Question cards and instructions

Unstable Unicorns

Unstable Unicorn Review

Unstable Unicorn is a strategic card game that destruction and unicorns into the equation. In 2017 it was one of the Top 100 most backed Kickstarter projects. It won an People’s Choice award in 2019 for toy of the year.

What we like

  • Wide variety of expansion packs
  • Great design
  • Easy to use
  • There is an adult version of the base game

What we don’t like

  • Expansion packs does not have as many cards as the base game
  • Expansion packs are expensive
  • Min age rating is too high
  • Doesn’t sell card carriers for expansion packs

How to play

The goal of this game is to be the first player to collect 7 Unicorns in your stable. There is a variety of cards to use in this game.

The first is an Instant-Neigh card. This card can be used when another player wants to play a card. That players card is then nullified and is send to the discard pile. You can also use an Upgrade card. This card can only be used when a basic Unicorn card is already in your stable. If you have this card in your stable at the beginning of your turn you will be able to move a basic Unicorn card from your hand directly in your stable.

With the upgrade card there is also an Downgrade card. When this card is in your stable at the beginning of your turn, you can sacrifice a card to take one from the drawpile. The Magic card enables you to sacrifice one card and to draw three random cards from the pile.

What is Stable?

The stable is playground in front of you where you can play your upgrade and downgrade cards can be played

Price: $20.00

Free Shipping: No

What’s included: This box contains 135 cards and a rule book.


Uno Review

Uno is the legendary family friendly classic card game. Very easy to learn with color coded cards. Appropriate for all ages, easy for children of young ages to learn.

What we like

  • Affordable
  • Tin case is travel friendly

What we don’t like

  • No free sipping
  • Poorly friendly

How to play

This game uses a very basic color coordination skills. (Blue, Green, Yellow, Red) The aim of this game is t get rid of all the cards in your hand. The players all takes turns by matching the face up card (the number must match but any color of the card can be played.) if a player is unable to play a card on their hand they must take one from the draw pile.

There is of course the classic special card in Uno. Reverses, Skips, draw 2 and 4’s and a color change. The outcome can dramatically change when any of the players uses one of these cards. The first player that has one card left should call out “UNO”.

Price: $9,78

Free Shipping:  NO

What’s included: 112 cards, instructions and a travel friendly  storage tin case

30 Seconds

30 Seconds Review

30 Seconds is the fast paced game where your team of players are in a race to guess all the answers correctly before the 30 seconds is up.

What we like

  • Free Shipping
  • Timer included

What we don’t like

  • More expensive than competitor board players
  • Questions can get complicated

How to play

At the start of each round the starting team throws the 30 seconds die to determines the games weakest player. The die has 6 sides with the values 0, 1 and 2. One player draws a card, the card will either have  a yellow or blue side. On each side there are 5 words printed. The competitor team then turns the timer (30 seconds). The teams score will be calculated by the amount of correct answers and subtracting the incorrect answers from it. The team will then take their icon and move it forward as many correct questions they had.


The goal for your team is to guess as many questions correct before the time runs out. To do that you have to make use of some well put clues. For example if the answer is Florida the clue will be, in which state is Tallahassee. House rules will make the game more relaxing and easier to play as the official rules can tie the gameplay up a bit.

Price: $36.54

Free Shipping: YES

What’s included: 240 cards, 1 board, 1 timer, a pair of die, 4 playing tokens and the game rules and instructions.