Loaded Questions Adult Version Review

Loaded Questions Adult Version Review

Loaded Questions Adult Version Review

Loaded Questions is a fun game where you have to follow instructions given by the spinner board. You have to guess which of your friends wrote which answer to win 8 VIP cards and dominate the game.

What we like

  • Free Shipping
  • Everything you need for the game is included

What we don’t like

  • Customers suggest that the questions can be “tame” and not adult like, like the game suggests
  • Even though you get free shipping the game is still on the expansive side

How to play

The aim of this game is to get 8 VIP cards to win. You have to pin the two spinner on the bottom and top side of the board. The VIP and question cards must be face down separate from each other in stacks.

Every player must write their name on their answer sheets. The shortest player in the group begins the game. Players move clockwise.

You have to spin the spinner and pick the next question card. Now you have to read the question matching the color the spinner landed on.

If you land on choose you will be able to CHOOSE any of the four questions on the card to do. If the spinner lands in GIVE or STEAL, you will have to follow the instructions showed by the spinner.

All the players except you will write their own answer to the question showed on the answer sheet.

All the answer will be taken and shuffled. The answers will be read to the player at your right-side. After you have heard the answers you must choose your favorite one and the you will have to guess which players wrote which answers.

If You match 1 correct answer you must take  a VIP card. If you had all the answers correct you can take a second VIP card. The first player to have 8 VIP cards wins the game. If two players get the 8th card together on the same turn both the players win the game.

Price: From $23.96-$30.00

Free Shipping: YES

What’s included: Loaded Questions include a Spinner, 6 Pencils, Instructions, Spinner Board, 55 VIP Cards, 308 questions and an Answer Pad

There are various versions of Loaded Questions available. There is the Original Version available. This is for ages 10+ to adult.

There is also a Party Version available to enjoy from ages 13- adult

Smaller kids also have the chance to play Loaded Questions with the family. Loaded questions Junior available for ages 6-adult  

For on the go fun the Loaded Questions On the Go is available for ages 8-adult

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