Kids Against Maturity Review

Adults Against Maturity

Kids Against Maturity Review

What is Kids Against Maturity about?

Kids Against Maturity is a fun Family friendly game to spice your game night up.

What we like

  • Family friendly game
  • Some of the cards have double meaning and if you don’t want you children to play the game with those cards you can exclude them without interrupting the flow of games.

What we don’t like

  • Difficult to get information about the game from the official website for players new to the game
  • The Founders edition only has 70 new cards

How to play

The gameplay may seem eccentric but the rules are very easy and nevertheless a fun game to play with the family with up to 3 players or more. Each player must draw 10 answer cards. The player with the hairiest knuckles gets to start the game. If that requirement cannot be met bring in your house rules and decide on the player to start the game.

The player that starts the game the Card Reader, must draw a question card and read it out loud and put the card face down on the table. Each player must put forward their funniest answer card, the winning card will be chosen by the Card Reader. Each player gets a turn to be the Card Reader starting counter clockwise from the Starter player.

All the players must draw cards after every turn so that 10 Answer cards are always available for the individual players. The player with the most funniest Answer Cards chose by the Card Reader after 45 minutes of the game wins.

Price $29.99

Free Shipping YES

What’s Included: 180 Question Cards and 320 Answer Cards.

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