Drawing Without Dignity Review

Drawing Withiut Dignity

Drawing Without Dignity Review

Drawing Without Dignity is an adult version of Pictionary. In this game you are in a race against your friends to draw and guess uncensored material.

What we like

  • Uncensored game
  • A lot of cards in the expansion pack

What we don’t like

  • Drawing platform not added (white board)
  • No expansion packs available on Amazon

How to play

Drawing Without Dignity is a relatively easy game to play. You roll the Die and according to the number on that you draw a card to find your clue. The next step is to turn over the timer and to draw the clue that you got.

The goal is for your teammates to guess what you draw until the timer runs out. You can draw as many as you like before the time runs out.

Price: $24.99

Free Shipping: NO

What’s included: Rules, golf pencils, drawing pad, die and a timer.

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