Disturbed Friends Review

Disturbed Friends

Disturbed Friends Review

Disturbed friends is another adult party game where you have to decide how messed up your friends are and how messed up they think you are. With explicit sexual scenarios and terrible situation this is not a game for the faint hearted.

This is not a game to play with anyone that does not have a crude sense of humor. A lot of the cards border sensitive topics, but when you have a great sense of humor the game will be a blast.

What we like

  • Expansion pack is available
  • Very affordable game and it includes free shipping

What we don’t like

  • The base game has 380 cards but the mini expansion pack only comes with 110 cards
  • Some of the cards have racial and sexual linings, so Disturbed Friends is not for overly sensitive people.

How to play

To play Disturbed friends you need to follow 4 easy steps.  The judge must draw a card and must read the content our loud. The judge will secretly choose one of the scenarios that he/she will do. There will be three scenarios for the judge to read. The second step is voting. All of the players must vote what they think the judge will do. (It will be one of the scenarios the judge read from the card)

When the voting is finished all the players must reveal their disturbed answers to complete the third step. For the last step the winning cards will be dealt out. Every player that answered the same as the judge gets a winning card. First player to collect 10 cards will take the trophy of most disturbed player home.

Price: $25,00

Free Shipping: YES

What’s included: Instructions, 100 winning cards and 250 question cards

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