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Telestrations After Dark

Telestrations After Dark Review

Telestrations after dark is an adult drawing came. You draw words and phrases and your teammates will have to guess what it is.

What we like

  • Over 1000 phrases and on the cards
  • Free Shipping

What we don’t like

  • There is a normal Telestrations but it cannot be played together with this version. It’s made as two different games.
  • The Dry-erase markers don’t last so you will have to buy it separate before you purchase the game

How to play

Each player must select a clean-up-cloth, one marker and a sketch book. The cards must be placed face down on the table in the middle of the group. All players must write their names on their sketch  books, they must also remember their color.

Step 1– Now that the setup of the game is complete everybody has to take a card and agree on a number. Take that number and draw the phrase on the card. (The numbers on every card will be different so you don’t have to worry about drawing the same thing as somebody else. If everybody agree on number 4 on their separate cards all the sketches will be different)

Step 2– If there is an even amount of players, maximum amount of players is 8, you go to the first page and make ready for step 3 which will be the sketching. If the amount of players in the game is odd you have to turn to the sketch page and the pass your book to the player seated on your left.

Step 3– All the players must be on the sketch page now. Look again closely at the word and take a while to attempt to draw your picture. Now you have to turn a page over so your picture will be hidden and pass your book to the player on your left.

Step 4– Everybody should be on the second page, where you have to guess the sketch.

Step 5– All the players must sketch again, doing step 3 and 4 until the book comes to the rightful owner.  All the players books must end with a guess.

Step 6– Everyone should now take turns going through all the sketches and share the hilarious results they have.


If you work with the Competitive Scoring the guessers is awarded 1 point  when their guess match the secret word. The sketchers is also awarded 1 point if their sketch leads  a guesser to the correct guess. You can also give yourself 1 point when the last guess match the secret word.

When you work with Friendly Scoring you give the player that drew your favorite sketch in your book with 1 point. You can also give the player with the favorite guess in your book 1 point. Lastly give a point to yourself if the last guess matched the secret word.

Price: $31.00

Free Shipping: YES

What’s included: 8 Erasable Sketch Books, Instructions, 100 Cards, 8 coasters of different colors, 8 Cloths and Dry erase markers.


Scrawl Review

Scrawl reveals the artist in you starting with a phrase, a funny doodle and then giving it to your friend. By the time the circle s completed and the doodle gets back to you it will definitely have gone wrong.

The scoring of this game is fairly simple, points are given to the worst doodles and the most terrible guesses.

What we like

  • There are more than 200 phrases to pass your game night with laughs
  • Free Shipping

What we don’t like

  • No expansion packs are available
  • Markers included are of bad quality. For a better gaming experience you have to buy your own beforehand.

How to play

The rules of this game are very simple. To begin you have to get you’re your friends and place the score card in the middle of the table. Each player must also get a clip and a board which must be attached together.

You can choose between yellow, white, pink and black scenarios. Each player takes a card and starts to draw in secret. You have to draw what your phrase says.  For example if you chose the  pink scenario and it says Dutch Oven you have to draw it the best you can – while keeping your cards phrase a secret.

When everybody has finished their Ludacris drawing they have to give their drawings to the player seated on their left.

Now everyone takes a blank scrawl card and clips it over the drawing they see. They write down on the blank card a description of what they think it is. Then again they pass it to the player on their left.

Complete the whole process until your own card returns back to you. Now everyone shows their phrase and the original drawing and the other players descriptions of what they thought it was. When a player has put down all their cards every other player has to choose their favorite drawing. The point goes the owner of the card each player chose. Their marks go on the score card. If by chance  a players original creation matches the final scrawl card they receive 3 points on the score card.

When that is finished the process will be repeated. The game ends when a player has 2 more points than the number of players there is

Price: $29.99

Free Shipping: YES

What’s included: 240 Cards, dry erase markers ( get your own too) , instructions and 8 clipboards

Drawing Withiut Dignity

Drawing Without Dignity Review

Drawing Without Dignity is an adult version of Pictionary. In this game you are in a race against your friends to draw and guess uncensored material.

What we like

  • Uncensored game
  • A lot of cards in the expansion pack

What we don’t like

  • Drawing platform not added (white board)
  • No expansion packs available on Amazon

How to play

Drawing Without Dignity is a relatively easy game to play. You roll the Die and according to the number on that you draw a card to find your clue. The next step is to turn over the timer and to draw the clue that you got.

The goal is for your teammates to guess what you draw until the timer runs out. You can draw as many as you like before the time runs out.

Price: $24.99

Free Shipping: NO

What’s included: Rules, golf pencils, drawing pad, die and a timer.