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Adults Against Maturity

Kids Against Maturity Review

What is Kids Against Maturity about?

Kids Against Maturity is a fun Family friendly game to spice your game night up.

What we like

  • Family friendly game
  • Some of the cards have double meaning and if you don’t want you children to play the game with those cards you can exclude them without interrupting the flow of games.

What we don’t like

  • Difficult to get information about the game from the official website for players new to the game
  • The Founders edition only has 70 new cards

How to play

The gameplay may seem eccentric but the rules are very easy and nevertheless a fun game to play with the family with up to 3 players or more. Each player must draw 10 answer cards. The player with the hairiest knuckles gets to start the game. If that requirement cannot be met bring in your house rules and decide on the player to start the game.

The player that starts the game the Card Reader, must draw a question card and read it out loud and put the card face down on the table. Each player must put forward their funniest answer card, the winning card will be chosen by the Card Reader. Each player gets a turn to be the Card Reader starting counter clockwise from the Starter player.

All the players must draw cards after every turn so that 10 Answer cards are always available for the individual players. The player with the most funniest Answer Cards chose by the Card Reader after 45 minutes of the game wins.

Price $29.99

Free Shipping YES

What’s Included: 180 Question Cards and 320 Answer Cards.

Disturbed Friends

Disturbed Friends Review

Disturbed friends is another adult party game where you have to decide how messed up your friends are and how messed up they think you are. With explicit sexual scenarios and terrible situation this is not a game for the faint hearted.

This is not a game to play with anyone that does not have a crude sense of humor. A lot of the cards border sensitive topics, but when you have a great sense of humor the game will be a blast.

What we like

  • Expansion pack is available
  • Very affordable game and it includes free shipping

What we don’t like

  • The base game has 380 cards but the mini expansion pack only comes with 110 cards
  • Some of the cards have racial and sexual linings, so Disturbed Friends is not for overly sensitive people.

How to play

To play Disturbed friends you need to follow 4 easy steps.  The judge must draw a card and must read the content our loud. The judge will secretly choose one of the scenarios that he/she will do. There will be three scenarios for the judge to read. The second step is voting. All of the players must vote what they think the judge will do. (It will be one of the scenarios the judge read from the card)

When the voting is finished all the players must reveal their disturbed answers to complete the third step. For the last step the winning cards will be dealt out. Every player that answered the same as the judge gets a winning card. First player to collect 10 cards will take the trophy of most disturbed player home.

Price: $25,00

Free Shipping: YES

What’s included: Instructions, 100 winning cards and 250 question cards

Telestrations After Dark

Telestrations After Dark Review

Telestrations after dark is an adult drawing came. You draw words and phrases and your teammates will have to guess what it is.

What we like

  • Over 1000 phrases and on the cards
  • Free Shipping

What we don’t like

  • There is a normal Telestrations but it cannot be played together with this version. It’s made as two different games.
  • The Dry-erase markers don’t last so you will have to buy it separate before you purchase the game

How to play

Each player must select a clean-up-cloth, one marker and a sketch book. The cards must be placed face down on the table in the middle of the group. All players must write their names on their sketch  books, they must also remember their color.

Step 1– Now that the setup of the game is complete everybody has to take a card and agree on a number. Take that number and draw the phrase on the card. (The numbers on every card will be different so you don’t have to worry about drawing the same thing as somebody else. If everybody agree on number 4 on their separate cards all the sketches will be different)

Step 2– If there is an even amount of players, maximum amount of players is 8, you go to the first page and make ready for step 3 which will be the sketching. If the amount of players in the game is odd you have to turn to the sketch page and the pass your book to the player seated on your left.

Step 3– All the players must be on the sketch page now. Look again closely at the word and take a while to attempt to draw your picture. Now you have to turn a page over so your picture will be hidden and pass your book to the player on your left.

Step 4– Everybody should be on the second page, where you have to guess the sketch.

Step 5– All the players must sketch again, doing step 3 and 4 until the book comes to the rightful owner.  All the players books must end with a guess.

Step 6– Everyone should now take turns going through all the sketches and share the hilarious results they have.


If you work with the Competitive Scoring the guessers is awarded 1 point  when their guess match the secret word. The sketchers is also awarded 1 point if their sketch leads  a guesser to the correct guess. You can also give yourself 1 point when the last guess match the secret word.

When you work with Friendly Scoring you give the player that drew your favorite sketch in your book with 1 point. You can also give the player with the favorite guess in your book 1 point. Lastly give a point to yourself if the last guess matched the secret word.

Price: $31.00

Free Shipping: YES

What’s included: 8 Erasable Sketch Books, Instructions, 100 Cards, 8 coasters of different colors, 8 Cloths and Dry erase markers.

Loaded Questions Adult Version Review

Loaded Questions Adult Version Review

Loaded Questions is a fun game where you have to follow instructions given by the spinner board. You have to guess which of your friends wrote which answer to win 8 VIP cards and dominate the game.

What we like

  • Free Shipping
  • Everything you need for the game is included

What we don’t like

  • Customers suggest that the questions can be “tame” and not adult like, like the game suggests
  • Even though you get free shipping the game is still on the expansive side

How to play

The aim of this game is to get 8 VIP cards to win. You have to pin the two spinner on the bottom and top side of the board. The VIP and question cards must be face down separate from each other in stacks.

Every player must write their name on their answer sheets. The shortest player in the group begins the game. Players move clockwise.

You have to spin the spinner and pick the next question card. Now you have to read the question matching the color the spinner landed on.

If you land on choose you will be able to CHOOSE any of the four questions on the card to do. If the spinner lands in GIVE or STEAL, you will have to follow the instructions showed by the spinner.

All the players except you will write their own answer to the question showed on the answer sheet.

All the answer will be taken and shuffled. The answers will be read to the player at your right-side. After you have heard the answers you must choose your favorite one and the you will have to guess which players wrote which answers.

If You match 1 correct answer you must take  a VIP card. If you had all the answers correct you can take a second VIP card. The first player to have 8 VIP cards wins the game. If two players get the 8th card together on the same turn both the players win the game.

Price: From $23.96-$30.00

Free Shipping: YES

What’s included: Loaded Questions include a Spinner, 6 Pencils, Instructions, Spinner Board, 55 VIP Cards, 308 questions and an Answer Pad

There are various versions of Loaded Questions available. There is the Original Version available. This is for ages 10+ to adult.

There is also a Party Version available to enjoy from ages 13- adult

Smaller kids also have the chance to play Loaded Questions with the family. Loaded questions Junior available for ages 6-adult  

For on the go fun the Loaded Questions On the Go is available for ages 8-adult

CoolCats & AssHats

CoolCats & AssHats

CoolCats & AssHats is a get to know your friends better game with over 400  cards. A subject card is read and all players must vote. This game may have adult linings but it is appropriate for all players. The game is entirely what the players make of it.

What we like

  • Expanion packs available
  • Free Shipping

What we don’t like

  • Types of cards are not equally divided
  • The game targets the younger audience, some adults may not find the cards appropriate for their age group

How to play

To begin the game you have to shuffle the Subject cards, the hands must be on the top side. The rest of the cards, AssHat, Tiebreaker and CoolCat cards must also be shuffles and put face down on separate piles.

To determine the player that has to kick off the game you have to draw a Tiebreaker that the whole group has to complete. The winner of the Tiebreaker is appointed the Master and will start the game.

The Master will draw subject cards and put them face down for the players to see

5< players= 5 Subject cards

6-7 Players=6 Subject cards

8-9 Players=7 Subject cards

10 > Players =8+ Subject cards

The other players will have to guess if their Master likes each Subject card or not. Once all the players guesses are in The Master will make his/her choices open. The Master will make his/her answer on all the cards with an thumbs up or down. When all the cards have been reviewed the player will begin with the scoring. A point per correct answer.

When a tie happens ( for the winner or the loser) , a Tiebreaker card must be selected. When there is a winning Tiebreaker, the players who comes first wins the round. (when more than 2 people where involved).When there’s a losing Tiebreaker te person who comes last loses the round.

There is Tiebreaker cards that only apply for 2 players at a time. When there are more than 2 people in a Tiebreaker, you have to start with the 2 players on the left of the Master and move clockwise.

Price: $29.55 Sale-$25.00

Free Shipping: YES

What’s included: 425 Cards,50 AssHats cards, 250 Subject cards, 75 Tiebreaker  cards, 50 CoolCats cards and instructions.


Taboo Review

Taboo is a guessing word game. Can you let your friends guess the word Santa Claus without saying chimney, presents slay and reindeer?

The obvious clues is forbidden which ensures hour of fun and struggle to pass the time. This game also comes with a Game Changer die that can spice the whole game up.

How to play

This game is fairly simple to play. Get your friends to guess a word without giving the forbidden words on the card. If you do so you’ll get the squeaker and be eliminated.

What we like

  • Refill (expansion pack) available
  • Includes 1000+ guess words
  • More than 200 cards

What we don’t like

  • No free shipping
  • The squeaker is not very compatible with the game. (Advised to get your own  buzzer)
  • Card holder does not come with this game

Price: $16.99


Free Shipping: NO

What’s included: Instructions, and 260 cards


Outrageous Review

Outrageous is a witty party game where players have to use their creative sparks to come up with hilarious answers to prompts from the modern world. Outrageous is an extremely versatile game.

You can make it an adult exclusive game or a family friendly game to play with kids. How you play Outrageous is entirely up to you.

What we like

  • This game can be played with anyone in any age group
  • Over 200 prompt cards to enjoy the game with

What we don’t like

  • No free shipping
  • Outrageous is a very simplistic game, no challenge involved

How to play

Outrageous is an extremely easy game to learn. Before you play choose  a judge for the first round. Each player will get a chance to be the judge. Draw a prompt card from the draw pile and read it out for each of the players to hear. The cards will have random prompts like, “I will eat a shoe if —– ever get married”.

Each player anonymously writes down whatever they thing will be the best. The judge chooses an answer and that player wins the round. 

The games action depends on the  player. You can make it  a dirty adult game, family friendly or however else you want.

Price: $19.95

Free Shipping: NO

What’s included: Instructions, answer pad, pencils and 220 prompt cards

bad people

Bad People Review

Bad People is a Card game where you get to know your friends and their true intentions better.

What we like

  • A lot of different variety of cards
  • Expansion packs available (Red, White, Green and NSFW packs)

What we don’t like

  • Very expensive
  • Not for sensitive people

How to play

The first step you have to follow before you play Bad People is to choose an identity. After collecting the Player Identity card you have to give every player a voting card. The Voting card makes voting easier so you can identify your friends with a picture when they vote for you.

The last player to arrive is the dictator (we all have friends who’s always late to everything). The Dictator picks up a question card and reads it out loud for every player to hear. For example, Who will most likely go to a strip club?

The Dictator secretly votes by putting a player card in front of them. Now it is the other players chance to vote. Each player puts a Voting card in front of them of the person they think the Dictator voted for.

The voting is the last step in the game. Every player turns over their voting cards one by one. The Dictator is the last to do so. Every player who guessed the same as the Dictator is awarded with 1 point. If any player has played their Double Down card they awarded with 2 points.

Price: $39.95

Free Shipping: YES

What’s included: 370 cards ( 10 player identity cards, 100 voting cards, 250 question cards, NSFW  expansion pack, 10 Double Down Cards.

Exploding Kitten

Exploding Kittens Review

Exploding Kittens is a strategic card game much like Uno and Russian Roulette. All the players take turns drawing cards from the deck until someone draws an Exploding Kitten, which will cause that player to be eliminated and the race to be the winner a little bit smaller.

The deck consists of different type of cards. There are cards that lets you peek at the deck before you draw, shuffling the whole deck, cards that defuses bombs and cards that you can use to make your opponent draw multiple cards

What we like

  • This game is for the whole family
  • An adult expansion pack is available
  • Multiple expansion packs other that the NSFW pack

What we don’t like

  • Older versions of the game is not compatible with newer expansion packs
  • Older versions are not durable
  • The game may not be suitable for smaller children as it requires comprehension and focus to play the game

How to play

You put the cards on the table and each player take turns at drawing a card. If you draw an Exploding Kitten card you are eliminated from the game. If you play a Defuse card you can distract the Exploding Kitten and escape from being exploded. There are also other cards you can play  to skip your turn or to peek at the deck. There are also cards that enables you to secretly relocate an Exploding Kitten Card.

Price: $19.99

Free Shipping: NO

What’s included: 56 Cards, box and instructions

Freedom Of Speech

Freedom Of Speech Review

Freedom Of  Speech is a card game that involves the guessing of a  word. The goal of the game is a lot like 30 Seconds, your teammates have to guess the word on your card before the time runs out.

You have to use the rules of the game to describe the word, like rhyming. The fist team to guess 21 cards correctly wins the game.

What we like?

  • Free Shipping
  • Multiple playing modes

What we don’t like

  • Expensive
  • Only 100 cards in expansion pack

How to play

Divide all the players into two teams. The rotation of the game will go counter clockwise. Rock, paper scissors will be used to decide which player will go first. The player that will start draws a card from the deck and start the timer for the round to begin.

Your teammates will have 60 seconds to guess the word on the card before the round is over. ( see the rules in how you can explain the word without giving a direct hint)

Price:  $29.99

Free Shipping: Yes

What’s included: 400 cards, button timer, instructions