Bad People Review

bad people

Bad People Review

Bad People is a Card game where you get to know your friends and their true intentions better.

What we like

  • A lot of different variety of cards
  • Expansion packs available (Red, White, Green and NSFW packs)

What we don’t like

  • Very expensive
  • Not for sensitive people

How to play

The first step you have to follow before you play Bad People is to choose an identity. After collecting the Player Identity card you have to give every player a voting card. The Voting card makes voting easier so you can identify your friends with a picture when they vote for you.

The last player to arrive is the dictator (we all have friends who’s always late to everything). The Dictator picks up a question card and reads it out loud for every player to hear. For example, Who will most likely go to a strip club?

The Dictator secretly votes by putting a player card in front of them. Now it is the other players chance to vote. Each player puts a Voting card in front of them of the person they think the Dictator voted for.

The voting is the last step in the game. Every player turns over their voting cards one by one. The Dictator is the last to do so. Every player who guessed the same as the Dictator is awarded with 1 point. If any player has played their Double Down card they awarded with 2 points.

Price: $39.95

Free Shipping: YES

What’s included: 370 cards ( 10 player identity cards, 100 voting cards, 250 question cards, NSFW  expansion pack, 10 Double Down Cards.

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